~|| story ||~
• The school is having their yearly picnic!
• The students have prepared eagerly for this day all year - the Cooking Club has prepared piles upon piles of pastries, the Music Club a live orchestra performance, and the Literature Club itself is going to perform a poetry battle!
• Students are encouraged to bring their own snacks, though the Cooking and Gardening Clubs’ produce will be readily available.
• As it is spring at the time of the picnic, the events will be held under the blooming Sakura trees.

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max ocs - 2; 3 w/o main character

~|| please note ||~
• The protagonist never arrived; Monika is not self-aware and no character’s traits have been amplified.

~|| main characters ||~
[monika] • RoseSnow
[yuri] • ThatYuriFanboy
[sayori] • VintageToast
[natsuki] •

~|| original characters ||~
[sun-woo] • VintageToast
[aisuriri] • RoseSnow

Now, let the celebrations begin!