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• 1/18/2018

[SPOILERS] Yet Another Theory About DDLC (Part 1, maybe)

Please scroll away if you mind spoilers.

Alright! I want to talk about the upcoming game of Team Salvato that's connected to DDLC. Please watch DDLC Game Theory so you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about.
So we know that if we open Monika's chr file and decode it we'll see a message of maybe hers right? And that Yuri could possibly be Libitina right? Now I have two theories about the new game, I have the first one cooked up and I'm still proving/disproving the second one. Both theories actually makes a lot of sense depending on which perspective you are looking at it from. So here's the first one:

1. A Sequel That Will Change The Past
Notice Monika's last line in her song "And if I don't know how to love you, I'll leave you be." In DDLC we all know that Monika will do whatever it takes just for you to be together; like killing Yuri and Sayori. So then my theory is that she realized that you don't want the things that she did and because she loves you she wants to give you a better ending. Notice the notes on her chr file that says "(something about helping the others) Anyways it's up to you." and the "It's time to be an {censored} hero! 2018!" Instead of you being with her together FOREVER, she realized her mistakes and now wants to pay you back for her wrong doings and now it's you and Monika somehow going back into time and helping the other girls like going back to prevent Sayori's depression, helping out Natsuki with her issues with her father, and ESPECIALLY to help Yuri/Libitina. In the next game, the story will most likely be you and Monika, THE HERO, helping the others and preventing Doki Doki from ever happening. Notice that Yuri, Sayori, and Natsuki already have issues in the game, but Monika just amplified them, but I think that those issues will still go bad even though Monika doesn't amplify them. Monika loves you, she noticed that you also care for the others and you also wanted to help them, now she wants to help you with that. Time to be a hero!

Monika's mission here now is to help the others and give you the perfect game she wants you to have. So in the new game both of you will go back into time and help Yuri, Sayori, and Natsuki. This theory though doesn't deny the "Monika being sentient" part, but instead helps it. Monika IS sentient and that she is doing this for you to have a better game in the future, a better visual novel than what happened to DDLC or more like a "normal" visual novel, dating simulator. Though it being a game and the characters being programs, somehow they still have some sort of "past" or "backstory" and Monika's job is to change that past.

Hope you find this fun, note that this is just my theory and I would appreciate it if you would give me your opinions about my theory. And if you need some clarification in my theory go ahead and ask! This is just part one and I still have another theory coming up, though I may not post the other theory because I may have disproven it.

Anyways, have a nice day!
-Captain Pitzzzzzaađűuuųđə œūþ

Just Monika ok?
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• 1/18/2018
1. Welcome to the wiki my friend!

2. I could get behind that. Isn't the website in Natsuki's file though? Or Sayori'sb (I forgot) So then both Yuri and Sayori would connected to PL. But then where does PL come in? It is DDLC's prequel? Where did the two girls not from PL come in?

Monika mentions in the same message about them (paraphrasing here) 'They should remember my warning from the other times I spent with them.' This could prove Monika is sentient in more then one game as well.
And about "Going back in time" I doubt that's what PL will be centered around. Going back and changing does sound like a good idea though. If Monika felt this way truely though, why didn't she just add all four of them back in the first place?

And the best ending for the player is what Monika wants right? Maybe the protagonist only wants one of the four girls, but that still doesn't give them a good ending. You can only get s good ending by save scumming the CGs and even that doesn't work so.

I'm just confused. Again, welcome to the wiki!
• 1/18/2018
That's why I added that the other girls' condition (ex: Sayori's depression, Yuri's um whatever you can call it.) could've still gotten bad even though Monika doesn't amplify them. And also because of that you gotta go back to 'le "past" of some sort. And Monika can't add them back because of yeah... and see that the president position of the club somehow corrupts the one in position. Part 2 is coming and oh boi it will be a LOT about Yuri, Natsuki, and Sayori. All the characters will and can fit in PL (just havin' a hard time with Sayori though). But in the mean time (while I'm still crushing my noggin outta all its knowledge juice.) that's just my theory, A GAM- eh I should stop that though...

Also yeah thanks for giving me a warm welcome!
-Caþţæïň Pıţžźaaāæđűďėěe öûť
• 1/18/2018
Result goes here.

I'm question if Monika and Sayori are from PL.
They may be from a different game
• 1/18/2018
Oh yes... that actually makes sense. I didn't get to think of that. Part 3? :D
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