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• 1/18/2018

[SPOILERS] A Theory About DDLC (Part 2)

If you mind spoilers, pls scroll away.

I have a LOT of theories coming up and I cannot post them all at once (not even in parts!) so I will just put points about my theories and you guys just comment on what I can say about it.
Consider these questions:
Who's Elyssa?
What's with Natsuki's father?
Who's the girl with whited out eyes in Natsuki's chr file?
What could be Sayori's role in the new game?

Okay first this:
1. Who is Elyssa?
Elyssa could be the girl found in Natsuki's chr file.
Now Elyssa can be one of two:
A. Yuri/Libitina's mother.
Because it can be seen in the Project Libitina website the quote "Libitina won't be recovering anytime soon with the termination of XXXXXX." And I guess XXXXXX stands for Elyssa? Also we don't really know much about Yuri's family/relatives so that would be the closest reason why.
B. Natsuki's mother?
Natsuki is malnourished because her father doesn't give her lunch money and cook food, or atleast not that much. Wait, where on earth is her mother? That question BOTHERED me a LOT. Remember I said that Elyssa could be the girl found in Natsuki's chr file? Yeah that's why the picture is found there!
[A Stretch]
What about both? Because Natsuki and Yuri (although I won't support this theory) could be sisters. I mean, they fight like one! XD

2. What's with Natsuki's father?
Now because Natsuki is malnourished we can say that somehow her mother is gone or also is working. What if her family also was in the religious-camp-turned-human-experiment-lab? Could Natsuki's father play an important role in Project Libitina?

3. Who's the girl with whited out eyes in Natsuki's chr file?
Easy, Either Elyssa, Natsuki's mother, Yuri's mother, or even 2 or 3 of the 3! (3 of the 3? What?)

4. What could be Sayori's role?
I've been scraping my scalp just to answer this really hard question...
So here's mah take on dis:
Natsuki and Yuri can be related or have met somehow in the portrait of Markov and... Sayori... eh... she doesn't really or atleast for now clearly fits in... but still Sayori's role could be very special.

So yeah just ask me more of my opinions on these questions I put out. Of not satisfied with these add more! Lemme know what you can say about this... and yeah my mind is messy so just go ahead ask for a little clarification. And as always chillax boys! It's just a theory!

-Captain Pitzzadude out
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• 1/19/2018
Sayori could be from PL and be the sentient one from that game. That could be the reason for her drpression. she can remember the timelines when her friends endured hell.

She could also be an expirement. What is in Sayoris file?
• 1/19/2018
Sayori's file? An ogg file that gives you QR code that also leads you to the Project Libitina website.
I guess that also makes sense.
Notice the pattern I made here:
Monika's chr is about her. (A note)
Natsuki's chr file is a picture of a lady with white out eyes (I believe it's her mother, but she's not Elyssa.)
Libitina er... I mean Yuri's chr file is a short story (an easter egg) about taking pleasure stabbing someone.
And lastly, Sayori's file leads you to the Project Libitina website. (I guess she knows about the human-experimentation-lab.)

My theory is that what's in their chr file says something about them. Like Yuri's and Monika's. We can only guess about Natsuki and Sayori's chr file, but Monika and Yuri's chr file for sure is about them.
• 1/19/2018
I think the girl in Yuri's poem may be Elyssa or Libitina.
There are 6 X's
Elyssa or SAYORI

Yuri is to short, and so is Monika and Natsuki.
Sayori can be Libitina and Elyssa can be someone else.

Though, the data sounds more apporiate for Yuri, the size of Libitina seems smaller. I think her physical stature would relate to Sayori. Besides, WITHOUT Monika amplifying Yuri, we have no sign of her being depressed.
• 1/19/2018 Here's the website again.
• 1/19/2018
Libitina isn't depressed... and X*6 could also stand for Monika. Libitina is really Yuri, somehow Yuri got out from that crazy place and lived life (or atleast tried) normal.
• 1/19/2018
Also, what size? At the the time Libitina is still 3 years old, and if she would be around 18 in PL. Her size when she was 3 is just around the average so nothing really special about that.
• 1/19/2018
Mon Ika
Ya, but i don't think it was Monika.

And Libitina cant be Yuri, theres X*6 Fior Libitina's name and X8^ for Sayoris name. Maybe Libitina is Monika and Elyssa is Sayori idk
• 1/20/2018
Monika and Sayori both have six letter names. We aren't sure if Elyssa is related to this story. It could be Monika and Sayori. We know Elyssa is in the story, but I don't think alibi tins and Elyssa are in the story together. It actually makes logical sense for ot to be Sayori. She isn't that short, and it says "All self harm attempts must be stopped." Again, Yuri didn't comitt self harm before Monika implemented it.

I think Monika May of been who was terminated. It makes sense after all. Maybe that's how she gains sentience. After all, she comfirmed she's part of PL. maybe she is trying to save it which makes the"time to be a {censored} hero" quote make sense.

As for Yuri, I suspect she may be part of the team doing the expirements, and by that j mean a PRIOR test subject. Yuri unhinged shows the third eye, meaning she was part of the expirements at some point.

As for Natsuki, she was likely only in that game if her father helped run the expirements.

What I was saying is that next to Libitina's name is 6 X's and on the bottom in the scentence is another 6 X's. Only Monika and Sayori have 6 letters in there name
• 1/22/2018
Cool, I'll see -_-
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