I feel as though there are so many roleplay threads with certain plots, that are loosely based on the actual plot. So, I think we should make this into a free, go to place to roleplay! This is all ordinary days, no anomalies unless you notify us all and we all agree on bending the rp to fit it. Be creative!

Rules : Ordinary days aren't necessarily "normal". All our OCs are unique and special. Just roleplay what you think is a normal day for your OC. Notifying others of things include :

OC mental breakdowns
BAD words
Any sensitive topics including bullying, depression, anxiety and especially suicide. Suicide is strictly forbidden on this roleplay.

Self aware characters, should be limited. Too many is just purely being OP. There is no limit to OCs, but it is preferred to be about 1 - 5. To be fair, A lot of OCs are on this wiki so.... yeh.

Now lets begin!

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OC name(s) -
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