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• 2/20/2018

A Fatal Mistake

The game has a global crash, due to a bug in which affected the game that was released unknowingly within a game patch. Now, all the timelines of Monika's sins are slowly getting back at her. She also fears Sayori, who also now knows of her deeds. Now that the glue holding the worlds together is at stake, will Sayori and Monika be able to work together? Or will he prior timelines haunt all who join the club?

-3 Original Character Maximum (2 with MC
-Since all the characters begun to become self aware, you need to remember don't try to have the characters escape.
-All major plots should be as planned as possible. Plot twists are great, but if it will resonate the whole Roleplay, ask.
-Have Fun!


Monika- Rose
Sayori- Ink
Yuri- Mew

(Orginal Characters)

End Note:
Some characters start off self aware, while some become self aware. If your OC is self aware, add that.

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• 3/9/2018
Sayori stared at Monika. "Says you." She walked to her bag, which was hanging on the back of the chair.
• 3/9/2018
"You're fine with letting someone kill themselves after pleading for forgiviness. You're an insensitive b**ch Sayori." Monika said, redierecting the aim of her knife.
"Now we know the true cluprit. I did not mess with you. You wanted Anon to youself. Besides, you BROUGHT him to the club." She pointed out
• 3/9/2018
Sayori stared at Monika confused. "A minute ago you were blaming yourself and being all apologetic. And you had me hang myself. Would anyone forgive someone like that?" Sayori left the clubroom leaving behind the leaving application
• 3/9/2018
Monika charged after Sayori with the knife.
"YOU were depressed, and that's not my fault." Monika pointed out,

"I did not one thing to you. I actually loved you for a time before... But I was so wrong to." She said.
• 3/9/2018
Natsuki left the restroom still feeling disgusted, she walked through the hallway to grab her items in the classroom, she wished she had stayed here to avoid the abuse of her father but the chaos is crazy enough like her father.

"Man look at all of these diverse students..." She thought while walking through the hallway.
There was an American one, the tall one, the nerdy one, the Monika one, oh and Sayori! Wait.... Monika?
She finds Monika holding a knife arguing with Sayori. She has to do something, Monika is crazy again.

She runs through the hallway avoiding the crowd and grabs Monika's knife to yell "STOP!"

"You know what, I had enough drama to deal with today. I'd rather stay home with dad than to deal with you guys killing each other because both of your regrets in our previous lives." Natsuki said.

She walks away throwing the knife in the garbage and exits the school doors..
• 3/9/2018
"See, at least Natsuki gives a shit." Monika snapped
• 3/9/2018
Character Name- natsuki
Page Link- no
Extra- none :’)
• 3/9/2018
(Someone took Natsuki ;( ROUND TWO)
• 3/9/2018
Sayori had a blank expression. "I'm done with this all. You're not the President I once looked up to. I'd never guess that you'd resort to violence. See you Monika." She walked away and reached her locker and collected her shoes.
• 3/9/2018
"Fine, Blame me, Do you think I wanted this. It's not like anyone ever cared about me. No family, no home, no chance at love." She called.

She went the other direction to go offically disband the club. They were reliving the tore ment of millions of other Monikas, yet this one had done nothing to her game. She was innocent, and she was blamed by everyone.

She noticed things start the glitch around her.

"The game is still down off Steam's server and the website I suppose." She said almost silently.
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