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• 3/9/2018

A Fatal Mistake v2 (Open)

The game has a global crash, due to a bug in which affected the game that was released unknowingly within a game patch. Now, all the timelines of Monika's sins are slowly getting back at her. She also fears Sayori, who also now knows of her deeds. Now that the glue holding the worlds together is at stake, will Sayori and Monika be able to work together? Or will he prior timelines haunt all who join the club?

-3 Original Character Maximum (2 with MC
-Since all the characters begun to become self aware, you need to remember don't try to have the characters escape.
-All major plots should be as planned as possible. Plot twists are great, but if it will resonate the whole Roleplay, ask.
-Have Fun!


Monika- N/A
Sayori- Rose
Yuri- Lapis

(Orginal Characters)

End Note:
Some characters start off self aware, while some become self aware. If your OC is self aware, add that.

Character Name-
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• 3/26/2018
"Let her do what she wants." Monika snapped
• 3/27/2018
Natsuki glanced at Yuri and poked her tongue out. "Ha! Monika agrees!"
• 3/27/2018
Yuri glared at both of them.
"Okay, you guys don't have to follow me. I'm just helping you guys lead to a successful life. If you want I can give you a job form to McDonald's!" Yuri hissed, she was ready to snap.
• 3/27/2018
"Woah Woah Woah Yur chill." Sayori chirpped
• 3/27/2018
Yuri looked at Sayori with a calm and embarrassed face.
"Sorry, I just care about you guys, lets just pretend I didn't say anything and lets just continue..."
Yuri sat on a desk with her face down using her arms as a cushion waiting for Natsuki's response.
• 3/27/2018
(Natsuki already responded tho....)
• 3/27/2018
Monika walked out of the club room.
• 3/28/2018
(oof whoops I mean to Yuri's poem or idk?)
• 3/28/2018
(Ohhh oki idek know rn XD

Natsuki read the first line before giving the poem back to Yuri. "Ahhh, the firstling doesn't make any sense!" She sighed. "Try use easier words!!!"
• 3/28/2018
"You do have quite a... Sophfisticated style Yuri."
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