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Creator: Pepper8338

Kaori has light skin and ebony hair. Her eyes are dark green. Her hair is usually pulled back in two long ponytails. When she isn't in her school uniform she normally wears a green top with a black jacket and dark pants.

Kaori is what you might call a yandere. She is a boy crazy girl who will let nothing get in her way once she finds someone she likes. She can seem weird at times. Kaori loves taking photos and she's not bad with a camera.

At school Kaori likes to join new clubs to meet new people, or stalk the boys.

At home Kaori spends her time working on her 'shrines'. She also likes to look for new ways to take pictures.

General Information
Full Name: Kaori Ito

Age: 17

Class: Junior

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 16

Sign: Pisces

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Status: Single

Favorite Animal: Raven

Favorite Foods: Rice! Any rice will do

Favorite Color: Green

Birthstone: Aquamarine

Kaori was born an only child. She never really had many friends. Most people just thought she was weird. Kaori didn't mind people. She just assumed she was too special to ever be understood. As long as Kaori had her camera she was fine.

At school Kaori started to notice the boys. They all seemed to wonderful and even cute. She started making little shrines of the boys at school. Every night before she went to bed she would check on her shrines to make sure they were 'accurate'.

Kaori's true passion still was for taking photos. The thought of freezing a small moment in time forever was amazing. Of course Kaori liked to combine her passion for boys with her passion for taking photos. She just had to make sure she didn't come off as being too weird, or the boys would surely run from her. But surely watching her love's every move isn't 'weird'...?


Kaori is very skilled with a camera.


Kaori doesn't have the best endurance for running, but she sure can sprint.




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Fun Facts
- Kaori is not self aware.

- Kaori was the fourth OC I created.

- Kaori is a yandere.

- Kaori likes taking pictures of birds.

- Kaori is 17 years old.